Going Green Continues to Grow

As "going green" has quickly become a worldwide mantra in just a few years, it seems that many other people are realizing what early environmental pioneers al-ready knew: that the earth is a resource worth sustaining.

Long before there were hybrid cars or ethanol fuel, there was a concept at the forefront of the green movement. It simply involved planting trees to benefit the earth and the people and animals that inhabit it. Today, planting trees and replenishing the greenery on the planet remains a viable way to improve air quality, reduce carbon footprints, improve animal habitats and wildlife preserves, change your landscape for the better, and produce many other positive results. Aside from going out and planting a tree yourself, you can also support the companies and organizations that also give back to the earth.

Plant for the Planet

When Yves Rocher was first established in 1959, the company was a pioneer in the way it viewed sustainable resources, plants and active botanical ingredients that went into its beauty and grooming lines. Preserving nature has always been Yves Rocher's mandate, and nearly 50 years later they're still a trailblazer when it comes to thinking green. The company's newest objective as part of conservation observances is a commitment to plant one million trees across the globe over the next three years in an initiative started by the United Nations Environment Programme called Plant for the Planet. One way that consumers can help the company do so is by purchasing the popular Inositol Vegetal line, which includes Inositol Vegetal Day, Night and Total Radiance treatment. The peel renew action of the Inositol treatments involves a unique combination of botanical active ingredients for a gradual resurfacing of the skin. The skin is gradually freed of all imperfections, producing a smooth surface, which reflects maximum light. When it's time to replenish your Inositol supply, simply purchase a Inositol Vegetal Day, Night and Total Radiance refill, to save on product and packaging waste. With each refill purchase, one tree will be planted as part of the Plant for the Planet campaign.

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Make an Impact

There are many other ways you can help the environment and preserve nature's countless resources.