Awards show, parties don't disappoint

I arrived at the Kodak Theatre at 8 a.m. to check out what was going on down Hollywood Boulevard and everyone was busy working to get things ready for Friday night. While driving in the parking garage, I had stop to let "Elvis" cross in front of me and then he said "Thank you very much." I knew it was not going to be a normal day. Only in Hollywood would something like that happen.

Since we were was sitting on the Emmy stage, the instructions were to arrive by 3:30. We were searched and escorted backstage to await seating. We were taken to our seats and given instructions as to how the show would be done. We were given Kodak cameras to take pictures of the stars.

From Dr. Phil to Phil Donahue, the "A" list of Daytime was in attendance. Bob Barker's retirement was a highlight of evening. The sentimental winner of the evening was Genie Francis, "Laura Spencer" of General Hospital. It was very exciting to see Genie win and I was lucky enough to get a picture with her and her Emmy! It was interesting to see the show being done from the backside. We all had a great time and everyone was friendly. After the show, the parties began. The CBS Emmy party was upstairs at the top of the Kodak complex. Everyone went there to start the evening. There are escaltors that run through the middle of the complex and the stars were using them to move around. Fans lined up along the ropes to take pictures of their favorite stars.

It is a hurried but relaxed atmosphere where the stars chat with people. I met several stars from various soaps and took pictures. It is quite a time and if you are soap fan, this is an event that anyone can go to. You just purchase tickets like any other event, get yourself a dress or tux and head on down to Lalaland. I wonder who next year's big winner will be!