State Attorney's Office fires suspended prosecutor

A local prosecutor suspended because of a criminal investigation of his brother was fired today.

Andrew Mikos, who has been with the Manatee County state attorney's office since November 2004, was terminated for violating office policy regarding confidentiality, said Dennis Nales, chief assistant state attorney for the 12th Judicial Circuit.

A police investigation revealed that Mikos' brother got access to a case file that the prosecutor had taken home.

A Bradenton Beach Police sergeant questioned Mikos' brother, David Mikos, 31, on Feb. 14 about allegations that he had tried to solicit a bribe from two defendants in a drug-related case his brother is prosecuting. Andrew Mikos said police then questioned him at the police station.

Andrew Mikos said he told police he did not know about the allegations that his brother had tried to collect a bribe from the defendants.

"Obviously, information was shared in order for the events to occur," Nales said today. "In the interim, we will make internal changes to cover his case load."

Nales said he has contacted the governor's office and asked that a prosecutor be appointed to handle the case against David Mikos and the two drug cases.

"They will get back to me in the next few days and let me know who they will appoint and from which office and we will forward the case files to them," Nales said.

Meanwhile police want prosecutors to charge David Mikos with solicitation of grand theft. Prosecutors are reviewing that case.