Everyone wants what I have

There is a church in a nearby city that put the following statement on their marquee: “Church Shouldn’t Stink.” Please note -- they used a different word than “stink,” but I am sure you get the idea.

This is the 35th article I have written for this wonderful paper and each one has been an honor and a pleasure to write; however, for the most part the articles have been geared to those who are believers who are already attending church.

Maybe some churches have had the same focus; only gearing toward the one that already believes.

Maybe some churches are guilty of only entertaining each other on Sunday morning and pawning off foolish behavior as a move of God resulting in shifting-sheep, rather than advancing the cause of Jesus Christ.

I believe there is a society of Christians within the family of God that have become kingdom tourists rather than Kingdom Citizens, who spend their time going from one church thrill-ride to another, never doing the work of Christ.

“Neither do we need to water down the power of the cross,” as the great Apostle Paul wrote to reach people.

No matter what culture we live in, it is the “Culture of the Kingdom” that transcends all culture.

This brings me to the title of today’s article. “Everyone Wants What I Have!”

Not everyone wants church, but I promise you everyone wants the Kingdom of God. The church is not the Kingdom; rather it is to be an embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

What do I mean by everyone wants the Kingdom?

Everyone wants unconditional love and acceptance, purpose, healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everyone wants the perfect father, teacher and friend.

Everyone wants to belong to something that is true, honest and represents the best there is. Everyone wants to belong, wants power, authority, blessings and the tools to truly bless others.

Everyone wants heaven now and heaven when they die. This, and much more, is found in Jesus and in His Kingdom.

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” Luke 12:32.

If you are reading this article and not a believer, perhaps you think church stinks. Beyond anything else I could ever share with you, I offer you Jesus. Regardless of who you are, or what you’ve done, God really does love you. He sent His Son, who paid the ultimate price for you. He died for your sins, but death could not hold Him. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, you too can have a new and eternal life. Ask Him into your heart. Ask Him to heal you, to teach you His ways and to use you to help others.

Welcome to the Kingdom!

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