The Biblical truth will set you free

There’s a good word for this time of year. The word is “Freedom”

Think about this question, “What is it like to be free?”

It’s not so easy, is it? Most of us take freedom for granted — most of us were, indeed, born free. Someone else fought and died, in some cases, for our freedom.

On Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day and at other times we are reminded of our freedom, and we are grateful.

The word is “Freedom.” It is an attractive word. It is an important word.

Yet, for many it’s a false freedom. At life’s deepest level, there is a more important freedom that the Bible speaks of. Jesus said,” If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!” (John 8:31,32)

So . . . what is the truth at the deepest level of my life?

1. I am a sinner — born in sin — a slave to sin. (Romans 3:23)

2. I must be set free.

3. Jesus Christ sets me free — “If the Son (Jesus) sets you free, you will be free indeed! (John 8:36)

The word is “Freedom!”

At the close of the Civil War, late at night, there’s a knock on a cabin door, and someone whispers “Mr. Lincoln says we’re free!

At the door of your heart, there is Jesus Christ who says “You can be free!”

The word is . . . “Freedom!”

Major Tony Barrington, Area Coordinator and Corps Officer (Pastor) for The Salvation Army, Manatee County, can be reached at 748-5110 or