‘Three great words’ during Lent

There have been many words written about the events that took place during the season of Lent. In fact, so many words have been written and spoken about them that, sometimes, instead of being caused to “tremble,” as the song, “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” says, we may just take it all for granted. After all, we’ve heard it all before.

There is not much new in all of this, so we figure that there’s not much to be “moved” about. There’s no real response or action needed on our part.

It is true that too many words can dull our interest and excitement, and make us dull and lifeless in our response to anything. An example is television commercials. Repeated over and over again, ad nauseam, they can become uninteresting and boring.

The right words, though, and just enough of them can have a more powerful effect, and actually awaken us to really be helped and blessed by what we hear.

Not too long ago, I read an article titled “Three Words That Can Change Your Life.” The author said the most important messages that humans deliver to each other often come in just three words:

“I love you”

“There’s no charge”

“I’ll be there”

“Maybe you’re right”

“I was wrong”

It occurred to me that some of the greatest messages God gives to us come in just three words:

“God is love”

“God is Light”

“God is Spirit”

I thought about this season of Lent, and I thought about John 3:16:

“God so loved”

“That He gave”

“His only Son”

“That whoever believes”

“Shall not perish”

“But have Life”

Here is the life-changing message for us in just three-word phrases.

And, one more three-word phrase from Jesus, in His dying breath — “It is finished!” (John 19:30) — signifying that the truth of John 3:16 has been accomplished.

So, this Lenten season, let us respond to these three great words — not too many — but just enough.

Major Tony Barrington, area coordinator for the Salvation Army in Bradenton, can be contacted at 748-5110.