Wait for God to work His miracle

If you have a promise from God that hasn’t happened yet, there is a process by which the Lord brings promises to fulfillment: (1) God gives a promise; (2) He removes the human possibility of fulfilling it; (3) God brings the fulfillment.

When God gives a promise over your life, this process immediately goes into motion. Even if the promise seems to be simple and easy to fulfill, if it’s a real prophesy of the Lord, it’s going to take a miracle to get it.

Abraham had a promise from the Lord that his descendents would be as numerous as the stars in the sky, but his wife was past childbearing years and barren. Abraham had to trust God and believe that God would bring it to pass. And 14 years later, He did.

Through a dream, God promised Joseph that he’d be a ruler. At the time he had the dream, it was humanly possible for it to come to pass because Joseph was an heir and a favored son. So God had Joseph sold into Egypt and he ended up in a dungeon, removing the possibility of human fulfillment. When God finally brought the fulfillment, Joseph was out of that dungeon and on the throne next to Pharaoh in less than 24 hours. But it took God many years to fulfill the promise.

God chose Moses to deliver Israel from bondage. But when Moses attempted to do it in his own strength, he failed miserably, ending up on the back side of the desert herding sheep for 40 years. When God finally brought the fulfillment of His Word over Moses, the deliverance of Israel succeeded.

David was a boy out tending sheep when Samuel anointed him king over Israel. David was the king from that moment, but it took many years before he actually sat on the throne and ruled. The promise probably seemed especially remote when David was running from Saul, hiding in caves. God had to make it humanly impossible, so that God could bring the fulfillment.

We often look for instant deliverances, speedy fulfillment of promises and prophesy from God. If you’re thinking, “I had such a fantastic Word over my life. God confirmed it to my heart many times. But I’ve been in this impossible situation so long, I wonder if it will ever come to pass.” Great! Now you’re in the place where God can move.

Are you between a rock and a hard place today? Before we can have tenacious faith, we have to give up trusting in our own strength, reserves and abilities. If you have a promise from God, but it’s presently impossible for it to happen, rejoice! God finally has you at the end of yourself.

The Rev. Anne Barber, pastor of My Father’s House Church, 7215 U.S. 301 N. Ellenton, can be contacted at