Welcome to the Bradenton Herald Popular Pet Poll

Welcome to the Bradenton Herald Popular Pet Poll. Can your pet – dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile, any creature – garner enough votes in our weekly contest to come in first place? Simply enter your in the Popular Pet Poll, featured each week in the Neighbors section of the Herald and right here daily at!

Last week's competition

Winner of last week's competition was Zeke.

This week's competition

See below.

How to view the pets

Look at the pet image on this page and then click on "Poll pets" to view this week's contestants.

How to vote

Click here to vote for your favorite pet photo. You may vote once per week. You may not change your vote after one has been submitted.

How to find out who won each weekly poll

Come to the main Pet page each Tuesday to find out which pet won the weekly competition.

How to submit a photo

To feature your pet in our Tuesday Neighbors section and include them in the contest, just e-mail a jpeg image of your pet to or mail your photograph along with your pet’s name and a short description to:


Readers’ Pets

Bradenton Herald

P.O. Box 921

Bradenton, FL 34206

A note from the Bradenton Herald Popular Pet Poll editor

Thanks to the great interest in our Popular Pet Poll on; we've been overwhelmed with the response. In fact, we have about 80 photos waiting to be published and then put on the Web. So in order to speed things up, we're making a few changes.

Readers' Pets photos will still be published in Neighbors, but we're going to print more each week. After being in Neighbors, the photos will go to the Web site, but here's where we're making a change.

Since we can run only 10 pictures in the Popular Pets Poll, the photos might not go directly to the poll, but to a second slide show, where we can post more photos. There they can be viewed — but not voted upon — while waiting for slots in the poll to open up.

Each week, the winner will go up against nine new contenders. To be fair to all the pets and their humans, the photos will be taken in the order in which they were published. Poor quality photos — out of focus, grainy, too dark, etc. — will not make the cut.

It's still going to take a while to publish all the photos we have now — we're estimating four to six weeks — and more are coming in each week. So please be patient. And remember, unlike your beloved pets, we're only human.

Remember: Photos will run in Neighbors before being posted online. Only one photo per pet (or pets, if there are more in the picture) will be accepted within a six-month period. Please don't send more than one photo of each pet; choose your best picture and send only that picture, and send it only once. Due to the volume of pet photos we have received, and the popularity of the poll, we ask that you be patient. Your photo will run soon.

Be sure to include your name, address and phone number in case we need to call you.

Results will be posted every Tuesday morning.

The winner from each week will compete against a new round of contestants.

Only pets living in Manatee or Sarasota County are eligible for the Popular Pets Poll, which is available only on the Web site.

And don’t forget to vote for your favorite pet here at