Special thanks

We would like to thank the Shriners Hospital for coming to the aid of an 18-month-old child, the daughter of one of our employees, who was burned in an accident at their family home.

The Shriners picked up the baby and flew her and her mother to Cleveland for intense treatment. The equipment and knowledge they have allows for the patient to get the best care and thus help prevent serious complications. The work the Shriners do, at no cost to the family, is remarkable. We would like to encourage anyone who would like to make a donation to please send it to the Shriners Hospital.

Thank you.

— Lucille Pouris, Bradenton

Many thanks

On Jan. 30, I had to take my husband, Ed, to the Blake Hospital emergency room. We want to thank the triage nurse on duty that night for his compassion and efficiency. We could see that they were understaffed and very busy. Despite that, he did a wonderful job of getting the information needed and making sure my husband was comfortable while we waited for tests to be done.

Thanks also to the doctors, technicians and staff for their attention and kindness. Ed was admitted and taken upstairs where the nurse immediately came in to care for him.

We would also like to thank our primary care doctor, Dr. Clulow, for coming in early the next morning and overseeing his care and for calling us after Ed went home to see how he was doing. I felt so much better, knowing Ed was in such good hands. Thanks to the nurses and aides who cared for him during his stay in the East Tower, room 339.

Lastly, thank you to our good friends, who came and stayed with us and made sure I got home safely. Their care and support was such a reassurance to us both.

— Mrs. Edward Noyes, Bradenton

Outstanding customer service

What is the true definition of customer service? It may simply be the pleasant greeting or friendly assistance when needed, it may be follow up after sale, or possibly a good warranty policy. However, these simple examples underestimate the true value of an extensive customer service philosophy. The general attitude of the business toward all customer relationships serves a key role. It carries through far after the initial purchase.

Wood Dock & Seawall of Cortez is a solid example of outstanding customer service. Every employee we met or dealt with was polite, responsive, friendly and informed. There was courtesy in every transaction and a very real feeling that we, as the customers, were always right. After running into an initial problem due to our type of watercraft we expected some type of run around or excuses. Instead, we got creative problem solving and efficient and effective resolution. We sincerely appreciated their responsiveness and the way they conducted business and have recommended them to others because of our satisfaction with their service.

Wood Dock & Seawall is reputable not only in their quality of products but also in the quality of care they give their customers. Business owners should know that word spreads and excellent customer service can be the icing on the cake that will keep customers loyal to a business.

— Marco Monsalve, Holmes Beach