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State releases academic rankings for local school campuses

Three schools in East Manatee rated the highest in their categories among Manatee County schools, according to new academic rankings released by the Florida Department of Education.

Witt Elementary was rated the No. 82 elementary school in the state; Nolan Middle School was the No. 115 middle school; and Lakewood Ranch High School was the No. 78 high school.

The lowest-ranked Manatee schools in each category were G.D. Rogers Garden Elementary, at No. 1,784; Harllee Middle School, at No. 514; and Palmetto High School, at No. 382.

The rankings are a followup to the release earlier of marks for school districts. The Manatee district ranked 47th out of 67 districts.

The rankings are according to the number of school point grades received for the 2010-11 year. Depending on the grade level of the school, points are derived from FCAT scores, annual learning gains, graduation rates and other criteria, according to the FDOE website.

Also ranked were nontraditional public schools. Team Success School of Excellence was the No. 128 ranked combination elementary/middle school; Manatee School for the Arts was the No. 28 combination high school; and the State College of Florida Collegiate School was ranked No. 12 in its category.

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