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Mote Marine releases rescued sea turtle back into the Gulf off Longboat Key

Jeffery, a juvenile green sea turtle that was rescued on April 30, was released back into the Gulf of Mexico off Longboat Key on Monday afternoon.

Jeffrey had been caught in a trawl net placed before a dredge on the Manatee County side of Longboat Key. The net was intended to keep marine animals away from the dredge and allow them to be relocated and released, according to Mote Marine.

Sea turtles found with health issues were brought to Mote for care.

Jeffery had tumors called fibropapillomas, which can sometimes prevent turtles from swimming, seeing or eating normally, and in some cases can cause death. Mote is one of only three Florida facilities that treat turtles with fibropapillomas.

Jeffery had laser surgery to remove multiple tumors. The turtle healed nicely and had a strong appetite throughout most of its stay, according to Mote officials.