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Santa Facts according to George Caso

n Santa’s reindeer are all female, except for Rudolph. They are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen.

n The reindeer rest from Dec. 26 through July 1, at which time they start exercises for Christmas to come.

n The reindeer do not fly, as often depicted. They jump. In fact, they can jump in one bound from Bradenton to California.

n Many of the puffs of white smoke we often take for jet plane contrails are actually reindeer practicing jumps.

n Santa likes all the Santa movies that have been made, except the angry Santa movies. “Polar Express” is a favorite.

n More kids are sending letters to Santa online now than in envelopes.

n Santa’s favorite cookie is chocolate chip.

n There are 1,000 elves at the North Pole and they not only make toys but can miniaturize them to fit in Santa’s sleigh, which is also miniaturized. They also clean the stables, keep the town of “North Pole” nice and spotless and feed the reindeer.

n Santa has four red suits, which are dry cleaned in Ellenton after every use. He also has red bib overalls and commonly wears a red T-shirt that reads, “Yes, it is me.”

n Santa does not drink or smoke. His hobby is traveling around the world doing his “Naughty or nice” check ups on children.