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Felix Jones talks exercise, possible NFL lockout

ARLINGTON -- Showing off his hula hooping skills and jump roping abilities, Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones broke a sweat Thursday afternoon at Bebensee Elementary School.

Jones was working out with fifth graders from the school, as part of an NFL PLAY 60 event to encourage children to have at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

"Like my dad told me, your body is a vehicle," Jones told an enthusiastic student body. "You have to fuel your car properly and treat it like a super-duper race car. You need to eat right and exercise, and your body will grow big and strong."

After talking with the students about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Jones met with media members, addressing everything from the event to his weight and the potential NFL lockout.

What did you think about the reception you received from the students? "They have a lot of energy, and it's honest energy. They were having fun, and I really enjoy being around them. It's important for them to know to eat right and exercise."

Speaking of staying in shape, you are back down to about 210 pounds. Last year, you played at 220. Is 210 your ideal weight? "Yeah, last year is in the past. I take that as a learning process, and it was something that I wanted to do. I learned that if I wanted to be myself, I'd have to be at a weight that I prefer. Last year, that was what I preferred, and now I'm back to doing something different."

So, back to your old weight, right? "Yes, running back to my old roots, as they say."

Looking at a potential lockout, how do you prepare for it? "The way I prepare for it is as if we'll still continue to play football in the off-season. I can't get too caught up in that because you never know when it's going to get resolved. We need to prepare like the season is coming up."

Has the union told players to save money? "We have communications with them, and we know what we have to do as players. We're preparing ourselves for it."

Do you think the stoppage could go into the season? "You know, we all want to play football. Each and every NFL player wants to play football. We just want to play, we don't want to sit out."

Looking at the Cowboys, what do you think about the running back trio now under Jason Garrett? "I've been with those [running back] guys for the last few years, and we have a great bond. I'm still going to take it as a challenge of going out there to play and compete, and that's how we're going to keep moving forward."

Finally, have you met the new assistant coaches? "Absolutely. I had a chance to go up there and speak with them and get to know them. I met a few of the new coaches, but not all of them yet."

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