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Emmanuel Sanders' Diary: Day 1

Pittsburgh rookie wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, a former star at SMU, will be writing an online exclusive Super Bowl XLV diary for the Star-Telegram this week. Here’s his first installment:

It is truly a blessing to be able to play in the Super Bowl as an NFL rookie and in the same city where I played my college football at SMU. Yes, today is one of the best days of my life.

My family was excited all last week knowing we were going to the Super Bowl after we had defeated the New York Jets in the AFC Championship Game, but I wasn’t feeling it. This is because nothing had really changed during the week from our normal regular-season routine.

For example, we stayed on our same schedule of practicing at our facility on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and there was little talk of us even playing in the Super Bowl while in team meetings and in the locker room.

But it sure hit me today, after landing in Dallas and seeing all of the media at DFW airport, that I am going to be playing in the big dance.

I think the number one reason we are playing in the Super Bowl is because we have a veteran team in which a majority of the players have already reached the pinnacle of football, and most of my teammates already know how to prepare for the big game. These veterans also do a great job of helping out us young guys.

Since arriving at our hotel in downtown Fort Worth, all we had on our schedule today was a team meeting. This was great for me because as soon as the meeting was over, I headed over to Dallas to meet with and hang out with all of my family and friends.

While I am sure there will be lots more exciting things to report on this week, probably the coolest thing we have encountered so far was the presentation to all of the players of keys to a brand new 2011 GMC Terrain Crossover for each of us to drive around town FREE for the entire week.

Tomorrow, I will be reporting on the circus that takes place at media day. Until then...Take care and God bless!

Emmanuel Sanders

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