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District shuffler celebrates his 100th birthday today

Today is Jim Kibbey’s 100th birthday. Jim and Virginia Kibbey played shuffleboard at Trailer Estates for about 20 years. Both were avid competitors and won many tournaments.

Jim was born on the Kibbey farm near Jamestown, Ind., on Dec. 21, 1910. He was a farmer, trucker and school bus driver most of his life until retirement in 1975.

Kibbey won the Summer National Singles in 1982 in Lakeside, Ohio, beating National President Wes Marousch in the finals the same night Virginia Kibbey won second to Mrs. Marousch. Widowed in 2007, Kibbey still plays a mean game of billiards and shuffles in fun games at Trailer Estates. Happy Birthday, Centenarian Jim!

Tournament results

n FL A-6A, Any Amateur/Any Doubles, Dec. 6 at Clearwater -- Consolation: 1. Jim Rathburn-Larry Toole, 2. Arlene McCague-Bonnie Walker.

n FL P-10, Dec. 6 at Lakeland -- Ladies Main: 4. Pat Whitaker; Consolation: 4. Flo Kowalewski-Beverly Jensen; Men Main: 1. Gerry Curwin-Jim Miller, 4. Al Nuttall-Mike Marquis; Consolation: 1. Dwayne Cross-Dave Minnich, 2. Jim Bailey.

n SWCD P-9, Dec. 9 at Tri-Par, Open Mixed Doubles -- Main: 1. Henry Wagler-Judy Taylor, 2. Marilyn and Jerry Everett, 3. Walt and Ann Wedel, 4. Kathy Boutwell-Faren Van De Grift; Consolation: 1. Paul Knepper-Jean Goeman, 2. Ralph Lozano-Shirley Riopelle, 3. Al and Anna Nuttall, 4. John and Nancy Ulicny.

n SWCD A-6, Dec. 10 at Tri-Par, District Amateurs/Any Doubles -- Main: 1. Harold Kratz-Mike Keeping, 2. Ron and Pam Nurnberger, 3. Bob Comford-Sandy Wixson, 4. Dan Willett-Jerry Duval; Consolation: 1. Del Schram-Jane McCulloch, 2. Bill Faudree-Elmer Heisler, 3. Jean Wilson, Jr.-Francis Jarvis, 4. Gerald and Clara Wynn.

n FL P-11A, Dec. 13 at Ft. Pierce -- Ladies Consolation: 3. Sue Minnich; Men Main: 3. Dave Minnich; Consolation: 3. John L. Brown.

n FL P-11B, Dec. 13 at Zephyrhills Betmar -- Ladies Main: 4. Judy Taylor; Men Main: 4. Gerry Curwin-Mike Marquis; Consolation: 2. Jim Bailey-Jim L. Miller.

n FL A-7, Dec. 13 at Avon Park, Amateur National Mixed Doubles -- Main 1. Phil Booher-Gloria Hollander; Consolation: 2. Pam and Ron Nurnberger.

n SWCD-P10, Dec. 16 at Golf Lakes -- Men: 1. Jerry Everett-Mac Frazier, 2. Bill Tice-Nelson Kellogg, 3. Dave Kudro-Mel Erb, 4. Jim Miller-Clarence Gingerich; Consolation 1. Jim Bailey-Faren Van De Grift, 2. George Villebro-Vern Wallingford, 3. Harvey Wolbert-Paul Ice, 4. John Boley-Don Herrold; Ladies Main: 1. Joyce Marquis-Joan McCurdy, 2. Marlene Coburn-Shirley Riopelle, 3. Erika Berg-Sue Daidone, 4. Emma Searcy-Arlene McCague; Consolation: 1. Glenedi Ann Tice-Marty Reiter, 2. Mae Kase-Pat Tomko, 3. Luelen Coughlin-Anna Nuttall, 4. Jane O’Bird-Linda Wallingford

n SWCD A-7, Dec. 17 at Golf Lakes -- Main: 1. Ron and Pam Nurnberger, 2. Carolyn Bailey-Margaret Gibbons, 3. Dan Willett-Jerry Duval, 4. Del Schram-George Rice.

Upcoming events

n Today is the second day of FL P-12A at Lee County and P-12B at Clearwater. Also, FL A-8 at Clearwater, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. No district tournament this week (Merry Christmas).

n On Dec. 27, you have the FL P-13 at Bradenton Shuffle Club, Open M/L Doubles.

n On Dec. 28, try the FL A-9 at Bradenton Shuffle Club, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

n No district tournament Dec. 29 (Happy New Year).

n On Jan. 3, 2011, there’s the FL P-14A at Sebring, FL P-14B at Clearwater. Also, there’s the FL A-10 at Palmetto, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, a handy place for amateurs to gain move-up points.


President Al Nuttall of the Bradenton Shuffle Club resigned as club president to reduce stress and is succeeded by Paul Knepper. Nuttall will serve out his last year as district president. This column wishes both presidents the very best.

Happy shuffling.

John Brown, can be reached at 756-8548.