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New details about death of two California soldiers in WikiLeaks documents

Classified military documents published on the Internet this week contain new details about the deaths of two soldiers and a Marine from the Northern california's San Joaquin Valley and foothills who were killed in Afghanistan.

They show that:

The Feb. 13, 2006, death of Army Sgt. Chad Gonsalves of Turlock provoked a massive U.S. airstrike — including bombs dropped from a B-52 — that leveled three buildings.

Army Sgt. Robert Rapp of Sonora died at the hands of suicide attacker on March 3, 2008. The attack was preceded by U.S. patrols finding and disarming two similar weapons in the same area March 2.

Marine Staff Sgt. Daniel Hansen of Tracy was killed Feb. 14, 2009, while an explosives team tried to disarm a roadside bomb. Previously, it had been reported that he died while on a patrol.

The documents — 91,000 pages in all — were posted to WikiLeaks, a Web site that aims to publish internal documents from governments around the world.

The newly published Afghanistan documents mainly feature ground-level accounts about violence, intelligence and politics in the war, now in its ninth year.

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