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Wikileaks papers tell more about 2007 attack in Iraq

The scene after a deadly attack on a Stryker left little hope that anyone would emerge from the obliterated infantry carrier.

The hull and rear door were gone, the tires blown off. One wounded and trapped soldier was struggling to exit the hatch of the upside-down Stryker.

An explosives team scanned the area and found a crater next to a sewer with wires running to a house where the bomb was triggered. The attack was well-coordinated, and three other Strykers came under fire from a nearby mosque when the bomb ripped through their companions’ vehicle.

At the time, the May 6, 2007, assault in Iraq’s Diyala province was the deadliest hit on a Stryker in the war. It killed six Fort Lewis soldiers, wounded another and killed a photojournalist who was traveling with the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division.

That account came from a trove of classified Iraq war documents published last weekend by WikiLeaks, a website that aims to reveal secret government reports worldwide.

Some documents, such as the one describing the May 2007 attack, detail fatal attacks on dozens of soldiers stationed at what is now Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

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