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Gallery: Waiting can be fun

Aside from the bustle of travelers checking the arrival and departure boards; apart from the watch-checkers sitting in chairs huddled with bags; a young boy’s exuberance shone.

At a peak in action at the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport the day before Thanksgiving, passengers hustled to line up for security.

Cheeks were kissed and farewell hugs were prolonged between family members; too long for Mauricio Pinto, 8, who seemed to be tiring of the departure ritual.

Sitting on a small ledge, Mauricio swung his sneakered feet as the grownups hugged and patted some more.

Finally, his boyish energy could not be contained any longer as he leaped to touch Titus Humphrey’s outstretched hand with a huge smile. Happy with his success, he threw out a final wave as he turned to leave.