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12/02 Fantasy Focus: Teams push for playoffs

With just one or two regular season games left in most fantasy football leagues, the playoff push is nearing its end.

It’s now crunch time for fantasy players in their quest for a championship.

But before the postseason run begins, click the accompanying link for some star players this season and the potential impact they could have on your title aspirations.

Sports reporter Jason Dill and sports editor Alan Bellittera for another Fantasy Focus podcast.

We’ll touch on skill guys like some quarterbacks, a deadly running back and scoring machine at wide receiver that have all delivered in 2011.

Now whether they continue that success with just a few weeks left in the NFL season makes, is just food for thought.

Of course, we’re looking at who each has to face with the upcoming schedule.

So listen up and send us your feedback for anything you want to know about fantasy football.