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Bradenton girl reunited with missing snowman

BRADENTON -- For the past week, 2-year-old Madison Guerra-Huffman would glance out of her window before getting out of bed and greet an inflatable snowman in her yard by shouting “Good morning, snowman!”

Her parents bought the 8-foot-tall snowman and placed it in front of her window because Florida-raised Madison adores snow, even though she’s never seen it.

But Wednesday morning the little girl woke up, peered out her window and began to scream, “Mommy, my snowman gone, gone!”

“That’s when I took her outside and he really was gone,” said her mom, Amanda Guerra, 23. “She was so upset and started to cry.”

Madison had just seen “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” a few days before so her mom told her that just like the Grinch who took the children’s toys, a “not nice person” took her snowman. To which Madison replied that she wanted to pull a Cindy Lou Who and “go to the not nice guy and get my snowman back.”

And as her heart broke, her mother’s did as well.

Guerra didn’t report the snowman missing to law enforcement.

“We didn’t because we figured there is nothing they can do about it,” Guerra said. “We didn’t have our name on it so even if they did find it, they couldn’t tell if it was ours.”

Although Madison tried to remain brave in the midst of her loss, she went through much of her day upset and asking about her snowman.

Luckily, much like the Grinch, the person’s heart, who took Madison’s snowman, must have “grown three sizes,” because 12 hours after the snowman went missing he magically turned up deflated in the driveway.

Although how the snowman reappeared is still a mystery, Guerra assumes somebody found it and returned it, or someone took it and returned it, but that doesn’t matter because the snowman is home and her daughter is happy.

In fact, Madison was so thrilled to see her snowman she did a happy dance inside her garage.

“Want to hug my snowman,” Madison shouted as she kissed and hugged her inflatable friend.

Guerra said wanting to get it back was never about the monetary value, the snowman only cost $19; it was about her daughter’s hurt feelings.

She wants everyone to remember that something as seemingly insignificant as an inflatable snowman can mean the world to a child.

“It’s amazing how upset little kids can get,” Guerra said.

But for now, Madison is thrilled to have her snowman back, who will be spending his nights in the garage from now on.