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Report: Bradenton woman attacks deputy after arrest

MANATEE -- A 51-year-old Bradenton woman was arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and domestic battery when she kicked two Bradenton Police Department officers and struck her daughter on Thanksgiving Day.

Priscilla Figueroa was arrested shortly after police responded to a disturbance at her residence on the 2400 block of Crescent Court East, Bradenton.

The officers discovered that Figueroa had struck her daughter on her right cheek using an open hand, according to a Bradenton Police Department report.

The daughter did not want to press charges, but Figueroa was still placed under arrest for domestic battery.

After being placed in a police vehicle, Figueroa kicked one officer on the inside of his right thigh, causing pain, the report states.

Before her feet were restrained, Figueroa kicked the interior door of the police vehicle and kicked another officer, the report adds.

During her arrest, Figueroa told officers that she had smacked her daughter because the daughter, “needed to be put in place,” the report states.

Figueroa was released Friday after posting bonds totaling $3,000, according to the jail website.