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Manatee sheriff’s captain gets 172-hour suspension for tryst with subordinate

MANATEE — Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Kristin Kennedy received a 172-hour suspension and a transfer out of the Child Protective Investigative Division, a career services board ruled in a 3-2 decision Friday.

The discipline comes on the heels of Kennedy telling investigators she kissed a female detective last year and then had an intimate encounter with the same subordinate in September and another time in May.

Investigators had recommended her demotion to lieutenant, along with a 258-hour suspension, after her actions were brought to light, according to the sheriff’s office. According to the ruling, Kennedy retains her rank as captain, but will need to undergo alcohol counseling and also be subject to random on-duty alcohol testing.

Kennedy had been the head of the child protection division, but will now be transferred to a division of Sheriff Brad Steube’s choosing, the board ruled in the media room of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Operations Center, 600 301 Blvd. W. Suite 202.

The board was made of four sheriff’s office employees, two chosen by Kennedy and two by the administration.

Those four employees collectively selected a chairperson to hear the case.