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Bradenton officer uses Taser to shoot gunman

BRADENTON — A Bradenton police officer late Tuesday used a Taser to shoot a man who was later found to be carrying a loaded pistol, according to police reports.

Just before midnight, Officer Joseph Brainard responded to Gecko’s Grill and Pub, in the 4300 block of State Road 64 East, after a manager said a customer had left without paying his meal.

Brainard found the man walking in the parking lot of the restaurant. Upon seeing the officer, the man ran, according to police reports.

Police say Trevor A. Cardarelle, 21, continued to run, ignoring orders to stop, until Brainard pulled his Taser stun gun in a final attempt to arrest him.

When the officer pulled the Taser, Cardarelle turned around and charged Brainard. Brainard fired his Taser, hitting Cardarelle and causing him to fall the to ground. As Cardarelle went to the ground, a loaded .32-caliber pistol fell from his hand.

The handgun was secured and Cardarelle arrested on charges of resisting arrest with violence, carrying a concealed firearm, use of a firearm under the influence of alcohol, and petty theft. He was being in the Manatee County jail on $3,620 bond.