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Manatee third-grade FCAT results identical to last year’s

MANATEE — Manatee County third graders this year maintained the same Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test reading and math scores as last year’s third graders, according to results released today.

Once again this year, 68 percent of the district’s third-graders read at grade level and 70 percent of them were considered proficient in math, according to the FCAT scores released by the state.

Students who obtain a Level 3 in either subject are considered proficient.

Manatee third-graders continued to trail their counterparts in both subjects for the second straight year.

Their statewide peers fared better, with a passing rate of 72 in reading, a 1 percentage-point increase from last year.

In math, 78 percent of students statewide were considered proficient, the same percentage as last year.

In Sarasota, students considered proficient in reading fell from 83 percent to 81 percent. In math, the percentage dropped from 87 to percent to 85 percent.

On a school by school level, seven district schools recorded improvements in both reading and math. Orange Ridge-Bullock Elementary increased its scores by 17 percent in reading and 10 percent in math, compared to 2009 scores.

“I was very excited to see our outstanding results,” said Orange Ridge Bullock Principal Doug Dupouy, in his second year at the Bradenton school that serves just more than 600 students. “It’s from the teachers really focusing on the needs of the individual students.”

Other district schools that recorded significant improvements in both areas included Wakeland Elementary, which scored 8 percent higher in reading and 11 percent higher in math; Moody Elementary, which improved 9 percent in reading and 7 percent in math; and Manatee Elementary, which increased its scores by 7 percent in reading and 9 percent in math.

“While we maintained in both reading and math at the third-grade level, we did see a number of schools show improvement in both areas,” said Louis Robison, the district’s executive director of school improvement and accountability. “We are continuing to analyze the data so we can share this information with principals and school leaders in an effort to continue to improve student scores.”