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Get your onions at King Farms (photos)


If you drive by King Farms, where Morgan Johnson Road meets 44th Avenue East, you can’t miss the sign.

“FLA. SWEET ONIONS, FRI & SAT, 9:00AM-6:00PM, FREE with Military ID.”

The offer has stood for the past few weekends and will for the foreseeable future, Ben King said Friday.

King’s parents got the farm in the mid-1960s, and he’s has been there ever since. “Born and raised,” he said.

Among his crops are those sweet onions — 35,000 of them at this point from a 1.5-acre crop.

“We’ve seen tons of military people,” he said. “Most get onions, and many also get other stuff.”

King said military folks can borrow a five-gallon bucket and snag as many onions as they can manage.

Some of the other produce available for purchase includes red kale, Swiss chard and purple cabbage.

And coming soon: blueberries.

— Brent Conklin