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Photos: Food bank giveaway

Brightly colored vegetables filled brown cardboard boxes as a line of people in need passed stacks of produce and other edible odds and ends. A young man smiled as he asked an elderly woman, “Strawberries?” and placed a box of ripe fruit into her box.

“This means a lot, especially now,” said Rose, a grandmotherly-looking woman as she loaded the food into an old pickup truck. “These people are doing a good thing,” she said of the members of Consuming Fire International Ministries of Sarasota, which runs a food bank called Joseph’s Storehouse.

“We’re out here every Thursday at 11,” said Pastor Al Davis as he signed people in and showed them a place in line.

The pastor said he is in the process of opening a drug and alcohol treatment center at 1027 Ninth St. W., where the group was handing out a quickly diminishing pile of groceries.

Davis hopes to expand his food delivery to twice a week “soon,” he said.

“I’m getting by ... barely,” said Rose, after she asked her husband to go see if he could find some soap. “We’re just trying to make it.”