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3/22 GALLERY: Hair is what you make of it

Blonde, brunette, straight, wavy, curly—hair is what you make of it.

We spend money to get more hair, get rid of hair, dye it a different color, cut it, add plugs, add extensions, braid it, pin it. We put chemicals on it, put organic stuff on it, spray it, blow dry it, iron it, curl it.

Mohawks, high and tights, mullets, conservative bobs, shaggy bangs — we can be a reflection of our hair.

A series of pictures made by Chuck Liddy — a photographer at our sister paper, the News and Observer, recently fascinated me; they chronicled the flying, flinging, flipping hair of cheerleaders at a basketball game.

When I came across this shot of the Manatee Sugar Canes, it made me smile — a cool shot of hair!

Now I need to go fix my roots ...