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3/15 GALLERY: Grant Jefferies

It was a windy day as I stood with my camera overlooking first base while shooting the Pittsburgh Pirates’ spring training game with the Tampa Bay Rays.

As I was keeping my eye on the action, I felt something pressing against my leg. “Don’t move, I’ll get it,” a gentleman behind me shouted. Of course I moved as I looked down to see what it was. There, plastered to my leg by the strong wind, was a paper plate. As I turned, the plate went free and flew across the fans in front of me, over the rail, past first base, and landed between first and second base. Rays second baseman Reid Brignac attempted to grab the plate, but it eluded his grasp and blew across the infield like a line drive to shortstop Sean Rodriguez. In professional form, Rodriguez caught the plate with a nice backhanded swoop of his glove. With one too many plates on the field, he folded it and tucked it away. It was nice to be part of the baseball action, sharing the plate with the big leaguers, even if it was a paper one.