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Young children witnessed father’s shooting

MYAKKA — A 7-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother witnessed their father being shot to death by their grandfather, and after the shooting the girl handled 911 calls with responding deputies, according to Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reports released Wednesday.

Sheriff’s reports also detailed an ongoing argument between 77-year-old Lim Chhea and his son-in-law Wilson Ngov, 43, that ended with Chhea shooting his son-in-law in the family’s kitchen.

The men lived with their wives and Ngov’s two children in the Myakka home where the shooting took place, in the 44000 block of State Road 70 East.

The dispute between the family members, who are of Cambodian descent, sparked over the handling of the family dogs, sheriff’s reports state. Chhea believed one of the dogs may have killed a goat in the area, and wanted them tied up.

Sheriff’s reports released Wednesday said Ngov disagreed and he argued with his father-in-law over tying up the dogs. On Tuesday, when Ngov left the home, Chhea told Ngov’s wife he “wanted to shoot” his son-in-law, she later told detectives. When Ngov came back home that afternoon, the warning turned into reality.

Ngov heard his father-in-law arguing with his wife and became angry, leading Chhea to get a handgun and shoot his son-in-law in the back in front of his wife and two kids, according to sheriff’s reports. Ngov’s wife wrestled the gun from Chhea, but he also grabbed a knife and tried to cut Ngov’s throat. She also wrestled the knife from him, according to reports.

At 4 p.m., sheriff’s dispatch received a 911 call from Ngov’s 7-year-old daughter and deputies responded to the home, where the first deputy to arrive told the girl over the phone to “get as many people out of the house as she could,” the deputy’s report stated.

The deputy then got on a loud speaker and directed the children out of the house and to the patrol car. Both children made it to the car and ducked behind the vehicle. Inside, deputies found Ngov shot to death, Chhea and both men’s wives.

Ngov’s children later told detectives that they saw their grandfather shoot their father “in the tummy,” according to sheriff’s reports.

Bristow confirmed Ngov was shot twice, but declined to go into detail about where on his body. He also declined to discuss the dispute over the animals, saying the case is still under investigation.

On Wednesday, Chhea appeared before a judge for a first appearance on a murder charge, but the elderly man could not hear a Cambodian translator that called in by telephone to conduct a translation of the proceedings.

County Judge Douglas Henderson postponed the hearing 24 hours in order for a Cambodian translator to be found who can conduct the proceeding in person. Chhea will be held in the Manatee County jail without bond until that hearing.

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