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Incentive grants mean more Manatee jobs

Two companies receiving incentive grants from Manatee County today plan to add up to 210 employees in 2010.

That’s according to Eric Basinger, executive director of the Economic Development Council.

Oliphant Financial LLC, a debt buyer and software provider to that industry, plans to add 100 to 150 jobs in 2010 at the company’s new financial services headquarters location in Manatee County. Star2Star Communications LLC, which develops and provides business grade communications solutions via the Internet, plans to add up to 60 new employees to support the company’s sales growth, Basinger said.

“The incentive grants provided by Manatee County Government, which the companies only receive if they hire and retain employees at wages that exceed the county average, were vital in helping these growing businesses locate, expand and hire in our community,” he said.