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PREVIOUS COVERAGE | Broken elevator triggers anxiety, anger in residents

MANATEE — Joyce Morrison has a doctor appointment today.

But she may have to reschedule because with a broken leg, it will take a herculean effort to get her from her fourth-floor condominium to the car.

The building elevator is out of order.

It’s been out of order for 12 days.

And it isn’t expected to be repaired until Thursday at the earliest.

That is if the parts are available.

“I’m going to have to get help in getting my wife down the stairs,” said Kyle Morrison.

The Morrisons and some of their neighbors in the 55-and-older community have been trying to get answers to why it’s taking so long for the elevator repair company to fix the only elevator that services the 80-unit building at the Bayshore on the Lake Condominium complex, on Lake Bayshore Drive off 38th Avenue West.

“We’re trying to get assistance to get the elevator repaired or replaced,” said Richard Jones, 72, who lives about four doors down from the Morrisons and uses an electric wheelchair to get around.

“The condo association says they don’t know when it will be fixed,” Jones said. “Every time I talk to someone, I get a different story.”

He said he has been depending on friends to bring him food and supplies, but he also has a doctor’s appointment that he doesn’t know how he’ll keep.

In an e-mail response to the Bradenton Herald, Scott Bole, of C&S Condominium Management Services Inc., wrote that Schindler Elevator, a national firm with offices in Tampa, was working on the problem.

“An attempt to rebuild the motor has failed and a new motor is to be installed as well as a pump, unfortunately it has been difficult for Schindler Elevator to secure all the necessary parts and a new motor,” Bole wrote in the e-mail.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we have been in contact with the elevator company three to five times a day regarding the elevator outage,” the e-mail states. “It has been a constant evolving and time consuming trouble shooting process that has continued to grow.”

A telephone message left with Dave Freeman at Schindler Elevator’s Tampa office was not returned.

Bole wrote in the e-mail, “According to Schindler Elevator, the work on the elevator should be completed by Thursday of this week unless the new parts do not arrive as scheduled.”

But a hand-written notice posted next to the elevator door said the repairs were expected to be finished by “Wednesday by noon,” which was crossed out, and “Hopefully Thursday,” was written, and then crossed out, and “Til further notice” was scribbled in.

“In the time frame it’s been broken down it should have been repaired by now,” said Charlie Gardner, who also lives on the fourth floor of the five-story building.

“If it takes any longer it would be a serious problem,” Gardner said.

“If the fire department had to evacuate it would be difficult.”

Neither the fire department nor Manatee County Code Enforcement Office has any jurisdiction over elevators being out of order.