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PREVIOUS COVERAGE | BPD officers testify to finding bodies in Davis trial

BRADENTON - Several members of the Bradenton Police Department this morning testified to finding the dead bodies of Clifford Davis’ mother and grandfather more than four years ago.

Davis, 23, is accused of killing his mother Stephanie Davis and grandfather Joel Hill on Dec. 4, 2005, in a Wares Creek apartment he shared with his mother. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Police detectives testified to finding Hill slain in the kitchen of the apartment with duct tape around his ankles, and Stephanie Davis was killed in her bedroom. Assistant State Attorney Art Brown said medical examiners will testify they both had injuries consistant with strangulation.

Crime scene technicians were able to lift a fingerprint off the duct tape found on Hill’s ankles, Detective Rich Konieczka testified. A Manatee County Sheriff’s Office fingerprint examiner then testified it matched Davis.

Detectives also found semen on carpet in Stephanie Davis’ room, according to testimony. Brown is expected to have experts testify it matched Clifford Davis. Davis is accused of two counts of first-degree murder, abuse of a dead body and robbery in the killings. Brown is expected to present evidence that Davis sexually assaulted his mother’s dead body after he killed her.

Defense attorneys for Davis have already conceded to jurors that Davis killed his mother and grandfather, and plan to mount an insanity defense.