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Dakin donates extra milk to needy

MYAKKA CITY — What seemed like a mistake has turned out to be a blessing.

Dakin Dairy Farms, which recently began bottling some of its milk for sale locally, struck a deal to distribute it through 13 regional Sweetbay supermarkets.

As with any new retail product, initial demand is difficult to predict, and the dairy overestimated the volume of sales for the first week, says Karen Dakin, who with her husband, Jerry, owns the farm at 30771 Betts Road, Myakka City.

“The question immediately became, ‘What should we do with this perfectly good milk?’ ” Karen Dakin said Monday.

Since the Dakins had been wanting to work with Meals on Wheels Plus, they de- cided late last week to send the organization more than 600 gallons of fresh milk — stamped with a Monday expiration date.

So everyone had to act fast.

“All of it went out on Friday to people who are needy,” reported Ellen Campbell, president and chief executive officer at Meals on Wheels Plus, parent of the Food Bank of Manatee, 811 23rdAve. E.

“Everything was distributed before it expired,” she added.

Campbell was happy to get the milk; the Dakins were happy to supply it.

“Any time we can get donations to the food bank, it helps the community to cope at a very tough time,” Campbell said.