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Street closures for All-Star events: What you need to know

The Metropolitan Police Department is encouraging people coming to downtown St. Louis for the All-Star events to allow for extra time because of street closures and the volume of people expected to attend the events.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is encouraging people coming downtown for All-Star events to take Metro. Click here to find out more about Metro's hours, routes and to find the closest station to All-Star events.

List of street closures for the 2009 Major League Baseball week:

Missouri Department of Transportation will close Interstate 64 on Tuesday, July 14 during the All Star Game for security and public safety. All lanes on westbound and eastbound I-64 from the Poplar Street Bridge to 14th Street will be closed. Motorists traveling to the All-Star Game are advised to take alternate routes. The eastbound I-64 exit at 14th Street will be the last exit open.

Motorists traveling westbound across the Poplar Street Bridge can access Interstate 55 and Interstate 70/Memorial Drive, which will remain open. All downtown bridges are expected to remain open. Reversible lanes will be altered through the week to adjust for traffic during the All-Star game events. Motorists should reduce their speed, use caution and pay attention to signs for changes in the reversible lanes.

Tuesday, July 14

The following ramps will remain closed:

Northbound I-55/I-44 to Memorial Drive Eastbound I-70 to Pine Street and Memorial Drive

The following ramp will reopen:

Westbound I-70 at the Poplar Street Bridge to Memorial Drive before peak travel times on Monday, July 13. While this ramp is open, access from Memorial Drive will be altered due to events.

The following section of interstate will close at 5 pm:

Interstate 64 (eastbound and westbound) from the Poplar Street Bridge to 14th Street.

Busch Stadium

Clark between 8th Street and Broadway - July 9-16

Poplar between 4th Street and Broadway - July 11-15

8th Street between Cerre and Clark - July 12-14

Eastbound curb lane Walnut to southbound Broadway - July 7-16

South curb lane of Walnut between 7th Street and Broadway - July 7-16

West curb lane of Broadway between Spruce and Poplar

All Star Red Carpet Parade - July 14 at 2 p.m.

Stage cars on Pine from Broadway to Southbound Memorial midnight to 6 a.m.

Market between 9th Street and Southbound Memorial

Chestnut between 9th Street and Southbound Memorial

Walnut between 4th Street and 9th Street

Spruce between 8th Street and 10th Street

4th Street between Olive and Walnut

Broadway between Pine and Gratiot

6th Street at Pine

7th Street between Walnut and Chestnut

8th Street between Spruce and Pine

All Streets should reopen as soon as the carpet is removed.

Laclede's Landing July 11-14

Closing between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m.

2nd Street from Laclede's Landing Boulevard to just north of City Park entrance

1st Street from Lucas Street to St. Louis Parking Lot entrance

Morgan Street from Leonor K. Sullivan through 3rd Street

Commercial Alley from Morgan Street to Lucas Street

Collins from Laclede's Landing Boulevard to Morgan Street