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Fast's jail roommate testifies

BRADENTON - Thomas Fast’s jailhouse roommate told a jury this morning Fast asked him to create an alibi for him in the disappearance of his stepmother Susan Fast.

Gilbert Pierola, an 11-time felon, testified that he shared a cell with Thomas Fast after authorities arrested him on a gun charge shortly after Susan Fast’s husband reported her missing.

“He said ‘a confession is the only thread keeping me from certain conviction,’” Pierola said of one conversation he had in jail with Fast.

Pierola said Fast also called his stepmother names, calling her a “crack whore” and “drug addict.” Fast also asked if Pierola’s would get his sister to “play the role” of a woman Fast claims he went to the beach with after an encounter he had with Susan Fast on the night her husband reported her missing. Thomas Fast is the last person to have seen his stepmother alive.

“He asked me if I would be his alibi, but I told him I couldn’t because I was in jail,” said Pierola. “Then he asked if my sister could do it and I told him I would ask.”

Susan Fast’s friend, Debbie Timpone, also testified this morning about entering Susan Fast’s home with Bruce Fast, the victim’s husband, on the night he reported her missing.

“It was ice cold,” Timpone said of walking in the home. “I knew right away there was something wrong and I told Bruce I couldn’t go any further.”

Thomas Fast is accused of first-degree murder in the killing of his stepmother. Authorites found her dimembered body parts nearly a month after her husband reported her missing. Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputies found Susan Fast’s body parts stuffed in garbage bags and left in a storm drain behind a Lakewood Ranch Publix shopping center.

After a lunch break today, a juror got into a traffic accident which has temporarily stalled the murder trial. Circuit Judge Gilbert Smith Jr. stopped the trial and announced the juror had been in a crash. It is unknown if the juror is injured, but Smith said the juror is trying to return so the trial can commence.