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Commentary: Gov. Sanford's 'crazy talk' isn't good for popularity

We could get him and all his supporters in my car and still have room for my dog. And it's a big dog.

Seems like everybody's sore at S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford these days.

And for good reason — he talks like a crazy man.

Sanford says he doesn't want to pour money on a fire.

Which is crazy talk. After all, it's free money. Straight from Washington.

As part of the recovery plan, federal stimuluteers earmarked $700 million for S.C. education. Sanford balked.

Sanford says things like, when you're in a hole, stop digging.

Which is crazy talk. After all, who cares how deep it gets?

But he said more than 10 percent of S.C. taxpayer money goes to debt service. If he took the $700 million, he said, he'd rather spend it on paying down the principal.

Sanford says things like, we ought to put some hay in the barn like farmers do, knowing winter is coming.

Which is crazy talk. After all, winter is far away. And the problem is here now.

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