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Three workers hospitalized from gas exposure

BRADENTON — Three workers for a local contractor working on a county sewage lift station located on a Manatee County School district property have been hospitalized after being overcome with hydrogen sulfide gas.

Manatee County Public Safety Capt. Larry Leinhauser said a worker dropped tools down into a shaft on the lift station, in the 2800 block of 27th Street East. The man climbed down 25 feet to try and retrieve the tools and was overcome by the sewer gas, Leinhauser said.

Two other workers also climbed down to try and help the man and were also overcome. Three more workers were able to lift the men out using a crane, Leinhauser said.

Manatee County’s hazardous material team was called to the scene and Leinhauser said there was no further leakage. The three men affected by the gas were decontaminated and taken to a local hospital.