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Man stabbed to death in migrant camp ID’d

MANATEE — Authorities have identified the man killed during a fight at a migrant camp over the weekend, according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report.

The sheriff’s report said Carlos Vazquez-Vazquez, 25, was stabbed to death Saturday by Faustino Martinez at the camp in the 1500 block of 21st Street East, Palmetto.

Martinez, 36, was being held Wednesday at the Manatee County jail on $500,000 bond.

Sheriff’s reports say Martinez got into an argument over money with Vazquez-Vazquez’s brother, and Vazquez-Vazquez later confronted Martinez in his room about hitting his brother on the head with a beer bottle during the scuffle.

A fight between Vazquez-Vazquez and Martinez then began, and sheriff’s reports say during the fight, Martinez grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Vazquez-Vazquez in the chest and arm.

Vazquez-Vazquez ran out of the room, screaming for someone to call police, before he collapsed on a dirt driveway. Vazquez-Vazquez was able to get up, but he collapsed in the grass after walking a few feet, the sheriff’s report said.

Martinez fled the scene, but a sheriff’s K-9 dog quickly tracked him and bit Martinez on the face. Martinez was hospitalized with severe cuts to the face from the dog bites. After his release from Manatee Memorial Hospital, Martinez admitted to stabbing Vazquez-Vazquez, saying he did it in self-defense, according to reports.

Witnesses to the fight had differing accounts, with Vazquez-Vazquez’s cousin telling deputies his relative had no weapon while Martinez had a knife. But a witness who lives in Martinez’s room in the camp told deputies both men were armed with beer bottles, according to reports.