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Commentary: Judge should review allegations from Stevens' trial

This editorial appeared in The Anchorage Daily News.

This isn't a tough call: Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan needs to do what Ted Stevens' lawyers have requested and hold an evidentiary hearing on disturbing allegations that have surfaced since the senator was convicted. One prosecution witness, David Anderson, has given contradictory accounts of whether he had an immunity deal with the prosecution. He testified under oath that he did not. He has since prepared an affidavit and written the judge to say he did – an apparent admission of perjury.

The prosecution contends Anderson is trying to protect another target of the FBI corruption investigation, state Sen. Jerry Ward. He's the father of Anderson's girlfriend.

We also have an FBI whistle-blower charging colleagues involved in the prosecution with numerous improprieties. Among the whistle-blower's complaints:

An agent accepted things of value from sources, including an original drawing, house-hunting assistance and employment for a third party.

An agent or agents got too close to sources, including Bill Allen. Their involvement included dinners, lunches, and visits at home and in hotel rooms. When Allen testified at Stevens' trial, the agent wore something that was supposed to be a "surprise present" for Allen.

An agent repeatedly shared information about corruption cases that the listener did not need to know.

Someone involved with the prosecution "may have" kept Allen informed about a separate investigation into other crimes he may have committed.

Other complaints offered by the whistle-blower covered familiar ground.

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