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Idaho utility shareholders vote for greenhouse gas reductions

Even supporters of a resolution urging Idaho Power to adopt goals for reducing greenhouse gases were surprised when 52 percent of shareholders approved it Thursday at the company's annual meeting.

The board of the utility's parent company, IdaCorp, opposed the measure, but RiskMetrics, an influential analyst of stockholder initiatives, endorsed it, saying Idaho Power’s “current level of disclosure relevant to its GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions appears to lag its industry peers.” LaMont Keen, president and CEO of Idaho Power said he and the board got the message. “The company takes this vote seriously and will consider adopting quantitative goals this year,” Keen said.

Idaho Power has been hoping to wait for federal legislation that would make it more expensive to generate power with fossil fuels, especially coal. It also doesn’t want to invest too quickly in intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar until the federal government establishing standards for how much renewable energy the company must have.

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