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Wanted: Women who have had an abortion in Kansas

Now that a Kansas grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood has completed its work without issuing any indictments, the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue seems to be moving on to a new investigation.

Operation Rescue sent out an email Wednesday morning asking women who've had abortions in Kansas in the past five years to contact them. Five years is the statute of limitations for abortion-related crimes.

"We are looking for girls who had abortions at any age of gestation who were under the age of 15 at the time of their abortion," the email said. "We are also seeking women who had abortions in their 22nd week of pregnancy or later."

The e-mail went out two days after a grand jury in Johnson County, a suburb of Kansas City, Mo., cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing. The grand jury, which was empaneled by a citizen petition, on Wednesday issued a statement saying the Kansas law that allows just investigation should be "re-evaluated."

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