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Doctor arrested on additional battery counts

BRADENTON — A 61-year-old medical doctor was arrested at his home today on four new charges of misdemeanor battery after more women accused him of inappropriately touching them during exams.

Dr. Gangaghara Chapalamadugu, known to his patients as C.G. Rao, has stopped working while police investigate and his case goes to court.

“He maintains his innocence,” said Mark Lipinski, a criminal defense attorney representing Rao. Rao was in the process of bonding out of jail, he said.

One woman came forward after a May 8 incident claiming the doctor groped her and placed his mouth on her chest.

Since then, police have received about 15 to 20 calls from women alleging more misconduct, according to a Bradenton Police Department news release.

Rao has been charged with nine counts of battery to date, as police continue to investigate the allegations.

“There’s the possibility we’re expecting more charges,” said Bradenton Police Deputy Chief William Tokajer.

This isn’t the first time a female patient has reported Rao.

In August 2002, another woman came forward stating Rao improperly touched her during an exam.In that case, the state attorney’s office deferred prosecution and made an agreement for Rao to have a pre-trial intervention program because he had no previous criminal history.

Rao completed the program, which included 50 hours of community service, avoiding contact with the woman and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

He was also told to keep a female staff member inside the exam room, according to the agreement.

Rao had a 90-day probation period, according to the agreement.

Rao had bonds totaling $20,000 for the new charges today, according to the arrest warrants.

Anyone with any information can call Bradenton Police Department Detective Alex Ribachuk at (941) 932-9309 or remain anonymous by calling Crimestoppers at (866) 634-TIPS (8477).

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