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County garbage pickup days changed for holiday

MANATEE — The garbage pickup schedule in unincorporated Manatee County when holidays fall Monday has changed, according to the county solid waste management department.

Beginning Memorial Day this Monday, all garbage and recycling pick up will be one day later than the normal pickup day.

For example, if Monday is a normal pickup day, it will move to Tuesday, if Tuesday is a scheduled day, it moves to Wednesday.

Also, all yard waste pickup will be Thursday, instead of the normally scheduled Wednesday.

The regular pick up schedule resumes the following week.

During weeks when the holiday falls on a day other than Monday, residents’ pickup days are shifted one day later, until Saturday and return to the normal schedule the following week.

The changes were put into place because the ordinance requires twice-weekly pickup, with two days between pick ups.

When a holiday fell on Monday, residents with a Monday pick up schedule would only receive service once that week on Saturday.

For more information about the changes, call the solid waste coordinator at 792-8811, ext. 5206, or visit the Manatee County Utilities Department page on the county Web site at