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Tips for raising generous children

If parents want to raise generous children, what works? Years of looking into which youth experiences best predict giving by adults offer some clues.

Independent Sector, a group of major nonprofit organizations, found the activities below the most closely linked to adult generosity. They're in only rough rank order because respondents could name multiple activities.

  • Seeing an admired person who isn't a family member help others.
  • Seeing a family member help others.
  • Doing volunteer work.
  • Raising money door to door.
  • Being active in student government.
  • Belonging to a youth group, such as the Boy Scouts.
  • Being active in a religious organization.
  • Being helped by others.
  • The biggest deterrent to generosity: not seeing a family member help others.

    Source: Giving and Volunteering in the United States survey.


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