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Manatee gas prices creeping up before holiday

MANATEE — Gasoline prices have creeped up due to a spike in the price of oil, but experts predict only a small spike leading up to Memorial Day.

AAA Auto Club South spokesman Gregg Laskowski stated in a press release that annual changes at refineries from winter to summer blend fuel did not cause a major spike in gas prices as it has in recent years.

But as people plan trips for the Memorial Day holiday, prices may creep up.

“We should expect consumer demand to increase the closer we get to Memorial Day weekend, and that tends to push retail prices upward,” Laskowski stated.

Americans remain much better off in terms of gas prices compared to a year ago. The national average Wednesday for regular gas was 2.11 a gallon, compared to 3.61 at this time last year. In Florida, gas prices averaged 2.12 a gallon Wednesday.

In the months considered volatile in recent years between March and May, gas prices in Florida only increased 13 cents a gallon nationally and 12 cents in Florida.

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