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Three shootings, stabbing Saturday

MANATEE — Three Bradenton men were shot in separate incidents early Saturday, and later in the day an apparent gang argument ended in a broken-beer-bottle stabbing.

The four victims survived the violence, but three of them were transported to Bayfront Medical Center throughout the day.

One gunshot victim, a 20-year-old man, told deputies several different scenarios of his shooting. He was released from Manatee Memorial Hospital with a bullet “still in his leg,” according to a report from Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Keith Noordzy.

The other two shootings — which resulted in emergency helicopter transports — took place at the victims’ residences in the 1000 block of 34th Avenue West and in the 100 block of 59th Avenue East.

A 24-year-old man was shot in the head and back at the 34th Avenue West residence by an unknown assailant, who deputies said also took shots at the man’s father in the front doorway.

No one else at that location was injured.

At the 59th Avenue East residence, a 33-year-old man fought with another man and was shot in the side.

None of the gun-wielding assailants was captured, the sheriff’s reports said.

On Saturday afternoon, an argument between apparent gang rivals escalated into violence in the 3400 block of Ninth Street West, another report detailed.

The 21-year-old stabbing victim was said to be in critical condition after being flown by emergency helicopter to Bayfront Medical Center. He lives in the 1000 block of 39th Avenue West.

During his argument with two other men, “alleged to be in rival gangs,” according to the report, “suspect No. 2 broke the bottle and stabbed the victim in the abdomen.”