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Speaker: Change economy with prayer

BRADENTON — National Christian Science speaker Ron Ballard challenged a group of listeners to do their part in turning around the economy through prayer and denying greed and the “lack of love for the common good,” it creates.

Ballard, Christian Science Board of Lectureship member, spoke for an hour to a crowd of more than 100 at the Renaissance Center on Monday night, in the 1800 block of Ninth Street West.

Based in Oregon, Ballard has served as a speaker on behalf of Christian Science all around the world and across the United States. He has worked in the Christian Science field for more than 40 years.

In his speech, “Prayer: Practical Solutions in Economic Hard Times,” Ballard urged people to believe that a change of attitude within each individual can make a difference in a down economy.

“Through prayer all of us can say, ‘I can tackle greed,’ ” he said.

Ballard also encouraged the crowd to look inside themselves to discover the talents they have and how they can contribute.

“I have always loved the thought that giving for the common good does not impoverish us,” he said.

“An idea with the force of truth behind it changes,” he added.

Ballard’s speech drew interest not only from Bradenton residents, but listeners from across Florida. Ary Lamme came from Gainesville to hear his speech.

“It certainly raised concerns for me on a higher level than dollars and cents,” said Lamme afterward.

“It really conveyed to me that in terms of the economy it is just as important that we start looking at principles and a higher good.”