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Fire destroys house, leaves 4 homeless

BRADENTON — Four people escaped with their lives when their home erupted in flames early Friday morning, according to fire officials.

Two couples resided in a home in the 2200 block of 15th Avenue West and had to escape through the windows of their metal home at about 5:20 a.m.

One man received cuts on his arms going out a window.

“They were lucky one of the family members was up,” said Bradenton Fire Department Fire Marshal Ken Langston. “It’s a unique home. It’s made of metal. The fire made it like an oven.”

The cause of the fire appeared to be accidental and possibly caused by an electrical problem, he said.

The home, which is considered a total loss, had windows boarded up this afternoon. A large piece of metal was lying out front in the driveway where a carport had been.

A white Ford Taurus and a red Mazda compact car were scorched on the side and hoods from the house fire. The cars were parked near the home, and the scene was encircled with yellow tape.

Luke Sylvin, who lives next door to the couples in an identical home, said he awoke to popping noises Friday morning.

“I heard popping at first and thought it was fireworks going off,” he said. “The whole carport was covered in flames. It was a shock.”

The one wood corner of the house had fire escaping from it and the aluminum metal pieces near the metal roof had melted away. “I yelled to my wife, ‘Call 911.’ They had all gotten out,” he said.

The couples saved their two dogs. They also had bearded dragon lizards inside along with eggs under a heat lamp.

Langston said numerous neighbors reported the fire. The fire was fast moving and had destroyed the home in minutes.

The owners of the home were in the process of fixing up the residence. The house had just been painted, Sylvin said.