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Financial snapshot

Monthly gross income: $4,955Monthly expenses: approximately $5,112

ASSETS:Individual Retirement Account: $169,000Home equity: $85,000IRA Annuity: $40,000Individual Stocks: $9,000Municipal bond closed-end fund: $4,800401(k) retirement account: $3,500Checking account: $2,000Money Market: $1,200

DEBTS:Mortgage: $95,000 at 6.75 percent interestStudent loan: $25,000 at 6.7 percent interest (payments start in 2009) Home equity loan: $20,000 at 4.5 percent variable primeCredit card: $4,500 at 14.99 percent interestPersonal loans: $7,400 at 0 percent interest

TOP PRIORITIES: Sell bond fund position and individual stocks to pay off credit card debt and start establishing emergency cash reserves equal to at least three months of expenses, or $15,000; consolidate/renegotiate student loans; shift investment portfolio to a discount broker.