DVD RELEASES: What’s new this week

“The Lucky Ones”


(Lions Gate, ’08) $27.98. 115 mins.

Three wounded Iraq War veterans returning home from combat are thrown together on a road trip from New York to Las Vegas. With Tim Robbins, Rachel McAdams, Michael Pena. R (profanity and some sexual content)

“The Rocker”


(20th Century Fox, ’08) $29.98. 102 mins.

Bummed about being kicked out of a band 20 years ago, a drummer finds solace in playing in his nephew’s high school emo band. With Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate, Emma Stone, Teddy Geiger. PG-13 (for drug and sexual references, nudity and profanity)

“Lakeview Terrace”


(Sony Pictures, ’08) $28.96. 110 mins.

Samuel L. Jackson screams in yet another film. This time, he plays a cop harassing his neighbors who are an interracial couple. With Ron Glass, Robert Pine, Keith Loneker. PG-13 (violence, sex, profanity, adult themes)

“Pride and Glory”


(New Line Home Video, ’08) $28.98. 130 mins.

A New York City detective investigating the death of four police officers thinks corruption within his department might be to blame. With Edward Norton, Colin Farrell, Noah Emmerich, Jon Voight. R (violence, sex, profanity, adult themes)

— The Philadelphia Inquirer